Scaling up innovation, accelerating to the market

Dutch Growth Factory accelerates your ideas to the market. Dutch Growth Factory focusses on the development of digital and circulair products and manufacturing processes for the regional and international industry. (scale ups, SME’s and multinationals). The dense ecosystem with more than 10.000 high tech companies in the Rotterdam region combined with the open mindset of the Dutch, offers an ideal context for scaling up innovation. Together with other frontrunners we develop breakthroughs towards the future. 

Dutch Growth Factory is part of  the Dutch Smart Industry program to accelerate digital manufacturing. The Smart Industry program is  set up by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. 

The Dutch Growth Factory focusses on the innovation process from idea to experiment, from scaling to the market. One of our strengths is to support our clients with the development digital manufacturing processes, but we offer more. 

Acceleration for example. We do this by working together, learning and innovating via a structured innovation process. We built forward on the knowledge of  leading institutes to increase the chance of success. We work closely with other frontrunners, research institutes, technology fieldlabs and innovation hubs in the region of Rotterdam.

New principles of Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies are challenged by new technologies, extreme competition, societal challenges and the war of talents. Also clients challenge us with their demand for better, more flexible, more sustainable and smarter products. These challenges demand a New Way of Manufacturing. 


Focus is essential to accelerate in innovation towards new markets. Heerema Innovation Center has proven this principle. Dutch Growth Factory takes it to a next level.

Koos Jan van Brouwershaven, CEO Heerema Fabrication

In the Roadmap Next Economy Dutch Growth Factory is as innovative and very relevant. The approach from idea to scaling up offers many advantages and was missing, until now.

Bert Hooijer, Next Economy

Dutch Growth Factory offers a unique opportunity to pull more innovative companies to Rotterdam and accelerate export our innovations to the global market.

Ron Voskuilen, Former Director Rotterdam Partners

At last a space in Rotterdam to let our international client manufacturen their products in innovative ways.

Robert Barnhoorn, director Spark Design & Innovation

We offer

A leading knowledge and innovation platform

A leading knowledge and innovation platform

We connect frontrunners from diverse industries in the platform Dutch Makers Revolution to accelerate learning and breakthrough thinking.

Innovation programs 

Innovation programs 

In our Fast Makers Tracks we create breakthrough thinking for the challenges of tomorrow and today. Together with your board and your innovation team we develop strategies and innovative concepts for digital products and manufacturing. Making steps towards the future. 

Samples of our customers are:
Ship of the Future - Heerema Fabrication
Bridge of the Future- City of  Rotterdam
Tiny Apartments - Heijmans Construction

Manufacturing Labs for Future Factories. 

We develop manufacturing labs to experiment and challenge the frontiers. 

We develop the labs on demand. Samples are: 
    •    Open Manufacturing Lab for additive manufacturing in the Maritime, Offshore and Aerospace Industry
    •    Open Manufacturing Lab for Digital Construction
    •    Open Manufacturing Lab for the Digital Factory

Space to scale up and share knowledge

Space to scale up and share knowledge

Dutch Growth Factory develops an innovation hub for focused development of innovation for manufacturing companies and their innovation teams. We offer manufacturing space of 500 to 2.000 m2 with project space directly connected to the workshop. We also offer innovative offices for digital and creative companies. All frontrunners in one building, which makes it easier to access crucial knowledge. Learning cross industries accelerates your growth. 

Learning and knowledge sharing

Learning and knowledge sharing

There are no standard solutions for today's and tomorrow's challenges. We therefore develop an ecosystem of frontrunners of makers and digital enablers in one space. This supports you to accelerate access to new knowledge and expertise when you need it. 

Connecting the leading region of the Smart Industry

Connecting the leading region of the Smart Industry

We working closely in the dense  innovation ecosystem of leading knowledge institutes, fieldlabs, innovation hubs and other frontrunners, to create value chains. We are continuously improving our methods. This support you to accelerate. 

Stepping stone to Europe

Stepping stone to Europe

Dutch Growth Factory is a stepping stone to Europe. We also offer an excellent environment to develop your scale up factory - with leading expertise of our partners - and export it to other regions.  

Our strength

Dutch Growth Factory is an initiative of the 010Works B.V.

Our team develops innovation programs for the manufacturing industry, we develop innovation eco-systems, partnerships and we have hands on experience with digital manufacturing. We manage a leading 3D Robotprinting company at which we are experience the challenge of today and tomorrow in the digital manufacturing industry. We transfer our hands on experience to our innovation programs and manufacturing labs. 

In the end we are entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation and combine an action driven mentality with a strategic perspective to the future. Do you want to scale up and accelerate to the market?


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